Careers and Education in BioTechnology

Biotechnology is one of the fastest growing areas of science in the world today. The race to improve medical treatments, produce crops resistant to pests and disease, and to protect against bioterrorism has resulted in a flourish of research activity.

Choosing a career in biotechnology opens up a world of exciting discoveries and attractive job prospects. You could be saving lives, creating new foods or become the Bill Gates of the medical world.

Project Snapshots

Research in Geelong encompasses all kinds of biotechnology. One project that Deakin University and Barwon Health are working on involves the production of new materials for hip replacements. The idea is to make metals mimic real bones so they will be better accepted by the human body. Local biotechnology company, Chemgenex Pharmaceuticals, is developing drugs to cure cancer and other treatments for diabetes and obesity, while CSIRO’s Australian Animal Health Laboratory in East Geelong is trying to combat bird flu, foot and mouth disease and SARS. This is just a small snapshot of the interesting and important work being done in Geelong in biotechnology.

Career Pathways

There are careers at all levels of the biotechnology industry; from head scientists to lab technicians to science communicators.

Science courses at Deakin University and the Gordon Institute of TAFE are a great start, as both have courses specialising in biotechnology covering research and technical expertise.

You don’t have to be the next Marie Curie to succeed in the biotech industry; you just need to have a keen sense of curiosity and motivation.


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