The GREP is strategically located to Geelong’s north and only 40 minutes drive via the Princes Freeway to Melbourne’s central business district.


Geelong plays an important role in the long term development of Victoria. The city is earmarked for continued expansion as Melbourne reaches the limits of its growth. Developer interest in the Geelong region is at an all time high.

The GREP offers seamless connections to markets across Victoria, Australia and around the world. The GREP is accessible by all modes of transport: road, rail, sea and air. Such connectivity is not often found outside capital cities.


Geelong is well connected to other major cities by a network of national and state highways and major roads.

The GREP provides ready access to Melbourne (40 minutes) via the Princes Freeway. The Western Ring Road (35 minutes) links the Princes Freeway to the Tullamarine (Calder) Freeway and Hume Freeway (to Sydney) creating a road link free of traffic lights between the GREP and New South Wales.

The Geelong Ring Road which runs adjacent to the GREP also connects to the Princes Freeway West to Colac, the Midland Highway to Ballarat and the Hamilton Highway and beyond into Victoria’s rich agricultural centres to the north and west and across the border into South Australia.

Heavy transport vehicles such as B Doubles can access the GREP.


Standard and broad gauge rail lines run directly past the GREP.

A private rail spur previously operated into the precinct. The feasibility of re-establishing this rail spur is being investigated.

North Geelong is a major rail freight hub allowing goods – ranging from bulk shipments to parcels – to be widely and efficiently distributed within Victoria and interstate. Many Geelong firms take advantage of this distribution channel to reach their markets.

A state-wide campaign is underway to connect the standard gauge rail line through Ballarat and Mildura (Victoria) to Broken Hill in New South Wales. The link would provide Geelong with access to the National Interstate Network and a direct connection for rail freight from Perth and Darwin. When this connection is made, the transcontinental system will provide additional competitive advantage to Geelong based business.


The Port of Geelong, a dedicated bulk handling facility, is located six kilometres from the GREP. The Port of Geelong is Australia’s sixth largest facility handling over 12 million tonnes of trade per annum. The Port is privately owned and operated.

The Port of Melbourne, one of Australia’s busiest container shipment facilities, is located to the City’s west and only 40 minutes from the GREP. The Port of Melbourne offers state-of-the-art facilities and product can be containerised in around 50 minutes.


Avalon Airport is 12 kilometres north of the GREP via the Princes Freeway.

The airport is owned and operated by Linfox.

Avalon Airport is a major employment centre in the Geelong - Melbourne Corridor and continues to expand its operation. The airport is working to establish itself as a major international airfreight centre. The airport already manages international airfreight movements, particularly freight associated with major Melbourne events, such as the Formula One Grand Prix. Avalon Airport has first port of entry rights – Australian Customs Service and Australian Quarantine Inspection Service Approved.

Two domestic passenger airlines Jetstar and Tiger Airways are based at Avalon. 2,800 passengers transit through Avalon Airport each day. The airport offers services to a wide range of destinations across Australia.

Melbourne International Airport and associated freight facilities are only 55 minutes by road via the Western Ring Road and Tullamarine Freeway.

Fast Facts

The GREP comprises of 500 hectares of industrial land zoned Industrial 1 and Industrial 2 Under the Victorian Planning Provisions, located to the north of Geelong.

The Geelong region is home to more than 20,000 business enterprises and a labour force of 135,000. In the past five years the Geelong labour force has grown by 11.7 per cent compared to 8.7 per cent for Victoria.

The GREP is six kilometres from the Port of Geelong and 12 kilometres from Avalon Airport.

The Princes Freeway north to Melbourne, West to other parts of Victoria and South Australia as well as south to other parts of the Geelong Region are accessible from GREP.

The GREP has the potential to create 10,000 direct jobs once fully developed.

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