The Geelong Ring Road Employment Precinct (GREP) is Geelong’s largest designated precinct for industrial development.


Strategically located to the City’s north, it encompasses 500 hectares of land zoned for heavy industrial purposes with significant opportunities for greenfield development.

The GREP is one of only a few areas available within Victoria with Industrial 2 zoned land.

The Geelong Ring Road Employment Precinct is an ideal location for any business seeking to establish, expand or relocate their operations. Key attributes of the precinct include:

Geelong is Victoria’s largest provincial city and is located 75km south west of the state capital Melbourne. The Geelong region is home to 260,000 residents.

Geelong has a well established reputation for meeting the needs of business and industry. More than 20,000 business enterprises operate locally supported by a workforce of 135,000.

A Range of Infrastructure and Services

The City of Greater Geelong, in partnership with the Victorian State Government and existing land owners in the GREP, is undertaking a comprehensive program to provide key infrastructure to GREP.

Stage One, currently underway, includes the construction of O’Briens Road and associated drainage at the southern end of the precinct. This will create land along the Geelong Ring Road that is fully serviced and ready for development of business.

Water sensitive urban design principles are employed to provide for the collection, treatment and re-use of stormwater. This includes several on site retarding basins to capture stormwater with the potential for reuse within the GREP.

Stage two of development will open up large size lots in the north of the GREP through the provision of major drainage facilities.

Stage three will consolidate an old residential estate ready for industrial development with major drainage infrastructure provided.

The long term vision for development of the GREP is for the area to contain a full range of services for industry. This may include business servicing, banking and medical services as well as food and hospitality.

A full range of service providers exist in the region. Gas, water/sewerage, power and fibre optic services are all available within the GREP. Individual requirements should be negotiated with each provider.

Supportive Local Government

The City of Greater Geelong is preparing the way for development by building the infrastructure needed for development and smoothing the way with the planning processes such as the preparation of the Native Vegetation Precinct Plan.

The City has established a dedicated Business Facilitation Group to provide further information and discuss investment opportunities. We can assist with pre application inquiries to help ensure that when permits are lodged they have addressed key issues, thereby avoiding unnecessary delays.

Fast Facts

The GREP comprises of 500 hectares of industrial land zoned Industrial 1 and Industrial 2 Under the Victorian Planning Provisions, located to the north of Geelong.

The Geelong region is home to more than 20,000 business enterprises and a labour force of 135,000. In the past five years the Geelong labour force has grown by 11.7 per cent compared to 8.7 per cent for Victoria.

The GREP is six kilometres from the Port of Geelong and 12 kilometres from Avalon Airport.

The Princes Freeway north to Melbourne, West to other parts of Victoria and South Australia as well as south to other parts of the Geelong Region are accessible from GREP.

The GREP has the potential to create 10,000 direct jobs once fully developed.

Further information
For further information and general inquiries on GREP call
+61 3 5272 4888.