The GREP offers prime industrial land to meet business needs.


The precinct includes flexibility of lot sizes to accommodate a range of development options. More than 500 hectares of land are available, with 327 hectares on offer for greenfield development. Land allotments vary from 4,000 square metres to five hectare lots. Larger parcels are available by negotiation.

Land within the GREP is competitively priced compared to equivalent land parcels in metropolitan Melbourne. A range of tenure options including ownership or leasing is available from both the Council and private developers.

Land within GREP is level which avoids unnecessary constructions costs. Zoning buffers protect industrial land from residential encroachment.

The unique offering of greenfield industrial land is rarely available so close to a capital city.

Industrial Zones for any Industrial Purpose

The Geelong Ring Road Employment Precinct is zoned to meet any industrial purpose.

The GREP offers allotments zoned Industrial 1 (IN1Z) and Industrial 2 (IN2Z) under Victorian Planning Provisions.

The combination of industrial zoning provides great flexibility for investors. The Industrial 1 Zone provides for manufacturing, storage and goods distribution type uses. The Industrial 2 Zone provides for heavier industry applications including port related uses and industries that require substantial buffers.

Zoning within GREP is arranged to maximise the benefits for industry. Each zone offers flexibility of lot sizes to accommodate everything from large scale production activities to smaller scale service, storage and manufacturing uses. Each zone can accommodate specific business requirements such as services, high exposure, transport access, buffers and consideration of compatible uses.

Urban Design Guidelines

The City of Greater Geelong has prepared Urban Design Guidelines for the GREP to inform building and landscape design. The design vision for GREP is that of a high amenity employment precinct with set standards for operational efficiency and the working environment.

The guidelines address access and transport within the precinct; development envelopes; building design standards; water sensitive urban design; landscape design and site amenity. The guidelines encourage innovative design including contemporary style building forms that respond specifically to a given site. Environmentally sustainable design principles are also fundamental to the development of the precinct.

The Urban Design Guidelines will ensure that development principles within GREP are achieved.

Sustainable transport is facilitated to and within the GREP through the provision of footpaths, walking trails and bicycle lanes.

Native Vegetation

A Native Vegetation Precinct Plan (NVPP) is underway to provide clear direction regarding the treatment of the native vegetation across the site. The NVPP meets with the requirements of Clause 52.16, Clause 81.01 and the Environmental Significant Overlay, Schedule 4 of the Greater Geelong Planning Scheme. When the NVPP is adopted it will exempt all future proposals for vegetation removal from a planning permit.

Cultural Heritage

No recorded cultural heritage sites have been identified within the GREP that need to be addressed as part of a development proposal.

Fast Facts

The GREP comprises of 500 hectares of industrial land zoned Industrial 1 and Industrial 2 Under the Victorian Planning Provisions, located to the north of Geelong.

The Geelong region is home to more than 20,000 business enterprises and a labour force of 135,000. In the past five years the Geelong labour force has grown by 11.7 per cent compared to 8.7 per cent for Victoria.

The GREP is six kilometres from the Port of Geelong and 12 kilometres from Avalon Airport.

The Princes Freeway north to Melbourne, West to other parts of Victoria and South Australia as well as south to other parts of the Geelong Region are accessible from GREP.

The GREP has the potential to create 10,000 direct jobs once fully developed.

Further information
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